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5.0 out of 5 stars The Sixth Borough by Myron Lubell, July 26, 2013 By ANNE M. PERRY (California) Amazon Verified Purchase    This review is from: THE SIXTH BOROUGH (Kindle Edition)   In "The Sixth Borough," that seven-mile stretch of sandy soil known as Miami Beach--inhabited by an overwhelming number of transplanted New Yorkers--we are treated to a rare glimpse of the social issues of the 1950s and their effect on the people living on this tiny "Jewish island." Viewed through the eyes of its protagonist, a quirky tween/teenager obsessed with reading, girls, alligator shirts and all social injustices, Myron Lubell helps us understand and remember the plight of those subjected to racial and religious segregation, anti-Semitism, bullying and forced prayer in the schools. Lubell has deftly weaved a nostalgic tale with hilarity and sweetness--bringing us back to our roots and helping us relive the best years of our lives. A delicious read for Seinfeld and Woody Allen fans alike. Can't wait for the movie!Anne M.
5.0 out of 5 stars A fun and yet a poignant read, April 27, 2013 By PAUL RUTHFIELD  (Palm Beach Gardens, Fl USA) This review is from: The Sixth Borough (Paperback)   Lubell has captured the essence of a teenager moving to a new place and his growth in to adulthood with both humor and pathos. It is reminiscent of Herman Wouk's classic, CITY BOY. You'll enjoy reading and smiling through most of the book and remember the story as a memorable onePaul
5.0 out of 5 stars fun read and so true, June 11, 2013 By INA YALOF (New York) Amazon Verified Purchase    This review is from: THE SIXTH BOROUGH (Kindle Edition) I grew up in MB in the 50s and this was about as true to life as it gets. I loved it!Ina
5.0 out of 5 stars Highly entertaining read, June 21, 2013 By GATORETTE Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: THE SIXTH BOROUGH (Kindle Edition)   In an era before computers and cell phones, the author takes you on a journey back to a special time and place where imagination and fantasy help propel you through the age of innocence. His writing style allows the reader to vividly experience the angst, humor, and pathos in this coming of age novel. This is a highly entertaining read for anyone who is now or ever was a
5.0 out of 5 stars great read, July 18, 2013 By RALPH BARTHOLOMEW  (BERKLEY, CA)  This review is from: The Sixth Borough (Paperback)   Growing up in Connecticut, and having had little experience in the racial tensions of the "South", I found Myron Lubell's book, "The Sixth Borough" both entertaining and educational.  His descriptions and stories of growing up in Miami Beach in the 1950's are filled with humor as well as reality, and reflect the struggles and tensions of the time. They reminded me of the adventures we all experience in that special time of life. For a fun read, try "The Sixth Borough". You won't be disappointed.Ralph
4.0 out of 5 stars A Unique TIme and Place, August 4, 2013 By NINJADOC This review is from: THE SIXTH BOROUGH (Kindle Edition) Myron Lubell recreates a unique time and place. The contrast between Miami and "the Beach" in terms of politics and culture is clearly drawn, as is the hypocrisy of those who went along with the racism of the time, even after they themselves had been the victims of the most brutal racists in history. The book held special interest for me, since I graduated from Beach High just 4 years after Myron, but I recommend the book as a fascinating picture of a unique time and place that should interest even those who did not live it
5.0 out of 5 stars Youthful Angst in Miami Beach in the 1950's August 10, 2013 By IDEA MAN  (Lakeland, FL) This review is from: The Sixth Borough (Paperback)   Culturally, Miami Beach Society was, in many ways, unique in the 1950's. After WWII, many people were looking to participate in a better way of life. This was particularly true for Jewish people from the Northeast and Mid-West who migrated south to this tropical paradise with the promise of opportunity for themselves and their children. Our protagonist Myron shares with us his challenges in his growth and development in this somewhat unique society in his quest for personal efficacy and the approval of his peers. For those who grew up in Miami Beach and south Florida in the 1950's, many of the events will ring true in this very amusing fictionalized memoir. Even those who lived elsewhere will appreciate the humor and the personal angst of Myron. Just when I thought the book would only be a series of humorous vignettes, I was surprised and delighted that several story lines emerged: Racism and discrimination in America, mystery and intrigue including Nazis and swindling, and a story of lost love.   Bottom line: this an entertaining read. The characters and the situations captivated me. Try'll like it.Idea
5.0 out of 5 stars Sixth Borough by Myron Lubell, July 7, 2013 By EVA WISE (Evie Hertzon) This review is from: The Sixth Borough (Paperback) The Sixth Borough: Book Review I spent my childhood on The Island of Miami Beach. I recall the heat, the intense humidity, lush landscape, my body buoyant in the salty seawater. I remember the puzzling "colored only" public drinking fountains that no one could explain. I thought I remembered all of it until I read Myron Lubell's The Sixth Borough. On each page more images emerged from my past. The precise steps needed to open a coconut, holocaust numbers engraved on a neighbor's wrist, my silence as I struggled to give my bus seat to a "colored" maid tired from a long day of work. I recall the sounds of Yiddish spoken when my parents wanted to talk privately. With historical events forming a backdrop, on the pages of this book an adolescent boy engages with friends, relatives, and enemies as he struggles to come of age. Each chapter is a jewel finally making a whole. I laughed; I cried. My long buried memories emerged, as the characters and quirky events in the book took shape. Lubell has given a gift to everyone who has taken the endless, wobbly steps from adolescence to maturity. Eva WiseEva
5.0 out of 5 stars LIFE ON A JEWISH ISLAND ...SEEN THROUGH THE INNOCENT EYES OF YOUTH, June 13, 2013 This review is from: The Sixth Borough (Paperback)   "A funny and insightful novel about family and friends--sharp observations, entertaining and engaging, exploring the richness of a relationship between an inquisitive Jewish teenage boy and his father and how it influences his views on social issues and on growing up in 1950s Miami Beach-contrasting a New York state of mind with life in the deep south and the Midwest. Lubell probes beneath the veneer of life on this beautiful Jewish Island; he discusses the good the bad and the ugly,  all seen through the innocence of youth,  perhaps, through the wisdom of youth."GENE SHARKEY